SUCTIA Trainers Manual is already available!

SUCTIA Trainers Manual is already available!

This manual is linked to the second intellectual output of the SUCTIA project, the development and design of blended training materials for future SUCTIA TRAINERS. Its structure reflects the main areas which will be the object of the training sessions, which are the internationalisation of academic institutions as a whole, internationalising teaching and learning, and internationalising research.

The manual will give you the key tools and information you need to become a SUCTIA Trainer able to deliver the SUCTIA course in your institution. This course, which can be run as often as deemed appropriate, has the objective to empower as many academic staff members as possible in order to truly internationalise our higher education institutions from within.

Developing the manual has been a stimulating exercise for the whole SUCTIA team, and the material that was finally included here is only a selection of what was produced, discussed, reworked and critically reviewed. It is the result of considerable teamwork in which everyone played a part. Undoubtedly, every trainer who picks up the manual will make something different of it

The framework for this Manual starts from the original SUCTI concept, and the first section about internationalisation develops out of the SUCTI manual. The other contents of this Manual are based on the knowledge, experience and research of SUCTIA members (among other SUCTIA Report, click here to read the report).

We truly hope it will serve not only SUCTIA Trainers, but also HE community in their internationalization endeavors! 

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